Jane Aure Psychotherapy Services

Your goals. Your journey.

Jane Aure Psychotherapy Services

Your goals. Your journey.

I value

Genuine support and quality care.

Here to support you on your mental health journey. Qualified. Knowledgeable. And experienced. Providing a safe place for you.


To create a safe community through which we all learn to normalize mental health conversations - making it ok to see a therapist.


To provide high-quality mental health counselling that is affordable, accessible, and flexible; using therapy grounded in years of research.


Let's walk that road together.

what is offered

Getting you back to "you"

Individual Therapy
This one-on-one process between the therapist and client encourages growth and self-development and improves your quality of life.
Couples Therapy
Problems in relationships are common, and addressing them in a safe environment allows couples to learn from each other.

for a mentally healthier you

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